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BetBuzz365 is a well-known online casino and betting website in Bangladesh and is certainly worth trying for any new gambler. Although BetBuzz is most well-known for its live and online gambling games, their sportsbook actually is quite impressive.

With a comprehensive and well-designed Live betting, the BetBuzz365 can do justice to the betting on sports experience. Don’t forget to mention the wide variety of offers that are available when you sign up with BetBuzz365 after you register.


Bookmaker BetBuzz365 operates legally in Bangladesh and accepts sports betting on its official website. In this review of BetBuzz365, we will look at many aspects of the betting company – from the line and odds to mobile applications.


BetBuzz365 puts a small margin on bets on top soccer, hockey, basketball, and tennis tournaments. The company charges an average commission on the Bangladeshi market (6-8%) for betting on most matches. Thus, at BetBuzz365, it is profitable to bet on the most famous soccer, cricket, tennis, and basketball competitions.

BetBuzz365 bookmaker’s betting line includes the most popular sports in the country. The company offers betting on popular soccer, cricket, tennis, and basketball tournaments in Bangladesh and less popular competitions. However, the company did not ignore the fans of racing tournaments.

BetBuzz365 Sports Betting

BetBuzz365 added a LIVE tab to the official website and mobile app for betting during the match. This section includes all the games that are taking place at the moment. The bookmaker not only accepts live bets but also streams the games live. Events with graphic broadcasts are marked with a picture of a sports ground and video streams – with a red “Play” icon.

BetBuzz365 cricket

In BetBuzz365, the line is presented as “Sports.” Then, in the left column of the menu, you can filter events by sport. More than 30 sports disciplines are on the line, and there are also special bets, betting on political events, shows, etc. Cyber sports and virtual sports you will also find in this section.

The list of markets variability does not differ. For example, about 400 outcomes are offered in the top soccer matches. On the other hand, the less popular events – about 100-200 markets and the list of rare sports for Bangladesh are represented by 30-50 results.

According to analytical data, the average margin at the BetBuzz365 concession is 8%. The figure can go up to 10% on events from the Live category. At the top sports matches, the office margin is only 4.5% – the market average.

Types of bets 

The bookmaker’s office offers four betting options:

  • Ordinary;
  • System;
  • Chain;
  • Express.


Live betting usually offers around 10-15 sports disciplines. The most significant offers are fixed for soccer, cricket, basketball, and tennis. The number of markets in play for the top events is 100-200, and for exotic, there are 10-20 needs.

How to bet?

  • Open the official website and log in to the system.
  • Select the game section for betting.
  • Filter the events by sports and championships.
  • Select the match you are interested in click on it.
  • Click on the odds of the market you are going to bet on.
  • In the bet coupon, specify the type of bet and its amount.
  • Click on the button “Make a bet” to confirm the action.

BetBuzz365 Soccer Betting

Soccer is a natural phenomenon. Nowadays, soccer clubs earn hundreds of millions of dollars, pay outstanding fees to players, international tournament matches are watched worldwide, and soccer stars inspire many children to take up the sport. 

Not surprisingly, soccer is the most popular sport regarding the number of leagues, teams, and viewers watching the broadcasts. Moreover, if you take all online sports betting – soccer is the acknowledged leader in the number of players and bookmaker profits. 

Betting on the number one sport gets a lot of attention from BetBuzz 365 : a rich roster and all sorts of bonuses and special offers. However, the most common bets on soccer that most players use are bets to win with three outcomes (win – draw – loss) bets to win the team without considering the draw. Quite a good option. The main thing is to calculate the probability correctly and avoid chances with a large % margin.

Binary (more-or-less) bets on total goals are not less popular. As a rule, matches start with almost equal odds on the total of more or less than 2.5 goals. The capacity for each game depends on the performance of the teams and the championship as a whole. Bets on the European or Asian Handicap can also be effectively used in the computer models for betting.

Note that the margin on single bets is no more than 8%. However, the margin can fall as low as 2% of infamous soccer tournaments. BetBuzz365 offers more than 100 variants of the spreadsheet on various soccer championships and tournaments. 

BetBuzz365 Cricket Betting

Cricket betting in Bangladesh is one of the essential sports in terms of attendance and interest and one of the top betting turnovers. 

Cricket is a team, non-contact sport that uses a bat and ball. Cricket was played in England as long as 500 years ago, and the first cricket match (England-Australia) was held back in 1861. In 1909, the International Cricket Council was established, which currently includes national federations of 106 countries.

There are several varieties of the game with their own rules. The primary type – two teams, each of 11 athletes take turns hitting the ball with bats, trying to earn points, and at the same time prevent their rival’s score. Cricket is somewhat reminiscent of baseball, but there is no time limit (the game lasts all day).

The game takes place on an oval field, in the center of a circle with a diameter of 20 meters (“pitch”), where all the main action occurs. First, two teams take turns kicking or serving the ball. 

On the defensive side of the pitch, there is at the same time:

  • one pitching “bowler”;
  • Ten field players.

The attacking team has only two batsmen, one on each pitchside. Therefore, the offensive player tries to score as many runs – “runs” – as possible in his allotted “over” (one over has six bowler pitches) or until the defense throws him out. Then, the batsman tries to deflect the throw so that the ball reaches the boundary of the field or flies far enough away from the opponents to allow the batsman to run to the other side of the pitch.

Cricket betting types

BetBuzz365 offers the following basic types of cricket betting:

  • Winner of the toss. It is provided to determine which team will serve the ball first and which team will bat. Of course, this bet is calculated only on the luck of the bettor;
  • The best player of the match (several variants are offered);
  • The best bunch of players (a group of 2-3 people who brought the most points to their team);
  • The best bowler (a pitcher) and batsman (batter) in the match;
  • Total Wickets;

Accurate Wound Score

And that’s not the whole list. Also, the bookmaker offers combined bets, bets on team statistics, alternative outcomes (player scores). Legal domestic bookmakers offer reasonable limits and relatively low margin (3-5%) on major cricket tournaments. Traditionally, the broadest spread for cricket betting in Bangladesh is at BetBuzz365.

The primary advice for those who are going to place cricket bets – study the rules of the sport thoroughly, especially since there are a lot of nuances. Of course, you should have information about the opposing teams and their leading players. Other vital tips are listed below. 

How to register? Rules of registration on the Betbuzz365.com

To open an account on the bookmaker’s website, you are looking for a particular agent. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to register without his help – Betbuzz365 doesn’t provide such a thing. 

You entrust your deposit to an agent. He manages it. If you want to deposit at the betting shop, you must deposit with your agent. And he will deposit you. The same applies to the withdrawal of funds. 

You always work only with the agent you applied to open an account with. We recommend visiting the bookmaker’s office’s official website and reading the current rules for using the bookmaker’s services. 

Betbuzz365 bookmaker has two types of agents. The first type is a master agent. He works directly with bettors. There is a second type – super-agent. It is engaged in what approves the accounts of new master agents and checks them for compliance with all requirements. 

You can be a regular user, a master agent, or a super-agent. If you need to file a complaint against someone or think you are being mistreated, you should contact an administrator for help. 

If you, as a user, want to complain about your agent, you need to contact their super-agent for help. Finding his name is easy enough. It will always be listed on your agent’s page on the bookmaker’s website. 

There are also local agents. They work in the region of their residence, attracting users to the bookmaker’s office among their immediate surroundings. Most of them do not promote themselves on the Internet. If you have found such an agent on the Internet, do not ask him for help. It is more likely that you are dealing with a scammer. 

How to become a Betbuzz365 agent

Everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of being an agent. Master agents only receive money from super agents. 


  • The agent needs to buy a minimum of 40,000 points for 40,000 BDT.
  • Excluding user funds, there should always be 500 points on the agent’s account.
  • If an agent’s balance is 700 or more, 200 or more points are available for sale.
  • Agents must have at least 40 active users.
  • If the charge against the agent is proven, his account will be closed immediately.

Note: The minimum transaction with a super agent is 200 points.

BetBuzz 365 App

BetBuzz365 bookmaker has released applications for mobile devices compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. So how to download them on your smartphone?


The program is compatible with all devices running on Android if the version of the operating system is not lower than 5.0. The size of the application – is 40 MB.

You can download the program only from the official website. If you do not see the download link, contact technical support to send you a direct link to download the file. You first download the ark file to your device and then activate its installation.

BetBuzz365 ON iOS

Downloading the program for “apple” devices is much easier since you download the application from the official store – App Store. The only requirement is that your smartphone supports iOS version at least 9.0.

Download BetBuzz365 app

Download links can be found on the BetBuzz site menu or at the bottom of the BetBuzz home page. The easiest way is to visit the BetBuzz website from your smartphone to install the software. A banner prompting you to download a mobile version of the site for your operating system will appear on the first screen.

What you definitely shouldn’t do is download programs from third-party sites. The network is full of fake applications that steal information about your game account. Instead, download only from the official source – https://betbuzz365.bet/.

BetBuzz365 link for mobile version

When, for a variety of reasons, a player cannot access the mobile app for Android or iOS, the only possible option for the bettor is to switch to the mobile version. On smartphones, it is activated automatically when logging in to the site from the device. So what are the differences between the full and mobile versions?

Functionality is available to players all the same, but the menu is significantly revised – the bookmaker left only the main functions and hid everything else for convenience. However, any position you can open in one or two clicks.

Betbuzz365 info

BetBuzz 365 is the betting site of choice for millions of bettors in Bangladesh. BetBuzz365 became popular due to the generous bonuses, constant promotions, convenient applications for mobile devices, high quotations for soccer confrontations.

The administration is constantly improving its resource. Players are offered new options. Low margins compensate for the disadvantages of in-play. If the office adds video broadcasting of matches to the site, it will not have any competitors in the legal betting market in Bangladesh.


What is BetBuzz365?

Betbuzz365.bet is the most popular and authentic betting site in Bangladesh. But please note one detail. If you want to follow the link, you need to open https://betbuzz365.bet/. 

Is BetBuzz365 safe?

As mentioned above, BetBuzz365 is the most important betting site in Bangladesh. Therefore, it is entirely safe to use it. The prerequisite is a reliable and trusted agent who has a confirmed page on the bookmaker’s website. 

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